I YA TOYAH - Industrial One-Woman Project, New Video out now for "Out of Order."

Chicago-based one-woman industrial army, I YA TOYAH has unleashed her highly-anticipated new single & video, "Out Of Order." The song comes from the upcoming EP of the same name due out in March.

The video is a surreal story of a gradual mental breakdown, caused by an isolation and misinformation fed by media. It was inspired by the film art of David Lynch and the pandemic.

"Out Of Order" - The Song:

A pandemic song, "Out Of Order" is expressing the quarantine moods of isolation, uncertainty, chaos and inner distortion.

"I wrote it feeling these emotions and being unable to share them as we all used to- through the togetherness, a hug, and live music experience. In the future the pandemic will be over, but the need for this connection will remain- I hope this song will be a reminder of how we survived this dark time, and how fragile yet strong we all are- even when we are out of order." - Ania (I Ya Toyah)

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