I, DORIS - All-Female Middle Age Grrl Band Proving Age is just a Number!

I, Doris are the moms you wish you could be and the moms you wish you had. The four-piece London based band is pop-perfection with sarcastic humor and witty lyrics. Sure, they are over 40 but that just means they are much more wise than most of us.

Singer and bass player Cassie Fox is actually the founder of the UK festival - Loud Women. Showcasing women in music, it has become the largest female-led festival in the UK. The band is also made up of Lucy Morgan (ex-Thee Faction – keytar and vox), Abby Werth (Argonaut – guitar and vox), and Louisa Edwards Knight (Crack Foxes – drums). They have a very punk rock 50's vibe going on, similar to the types of influences you can hear in the Ramones.

Their new album is coming in 2020 but for now you have to hear their song "The Girl from Clapham." The song is sung from the woman's point of view of the Squeeze song Up the Junction. Its an instant classic. Spoiler alert - she's still up the junction.

Looking forward to hearing more of these hot mamas in 2020!



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