HULDER - The Belgium One-Woman Black Metal Artist Has Another Sold Out Demo!

Hulder is a one-woman black metal artist who hails originally from Belgium. Her most recent release, a promo she released in March (promo 2020), has sold out as has most of her other releases. If you love the classic black metal sound with some medieval dungeon synth thrown in, you'll fall in love.

Know as "The Inquisitor" her real name is Marz Riesterer. She has previously played in the band Bleeder and has done a guest vocals for Toxic Holocaust and Leathürbitch. What she has done under the Hulder title however is her most unique and personal work. She has studied the black metal sound to provide an authentic representation of the genera. Lyrics are primarily based on folklore and tales passed down for generations by her grandparents. The music is definitely a great soundtrack for hiking in the dark forests in Norway. As black metal has such a dedicated following, her releases are limited and go fast. Luckily she is now streaming on most platforms.

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