Debut Track by AVOWAL Now Streaming

“High King Margo The Destroyer Creator,” (HKMTC) debut single from AVOWAL’s upcoming EP, ‘Feast of the Familiar'. This intense track is inspired by the strong, outspoken, and beautiful High King of Fillory, Margo Hanson. HKMTC is a vicious cry to abolish outdated ideologies around leadership and what it means to be a woman.

Margo said it best: "You can be one of the smart ones or even one of the pretty ones or even a strong one. But... Try to be all three... You better learn to smile and shut up cause the second you're you, the second I'm loud, pissed off, it's 'What a bitch.' 'What a slut.' 'Who the fuck does she think she is?' So you never give them a chance. You hit first. And anyone dumb enough to hit back soon finds that there's no hurting you, sheathed in all that hard, glossy armor."

AVOWAL is a gritty and chaotic thrashing death punk band from Kent, Ohio. Due to unprecedented delays in vinyl manufacturing, AVOWAL’s EP release is TBA. Follow them on Instagram and Bandcamp for the latest updates.

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