HOT TINA - The Ultimate Rock N Roll Party Music for the Summer

San Lupis Obsio, California is filled with beautiful beaches and warm summer weather all year round. It is no surprise that area has given birth to some of the best pop-ridden punk music in Cali. It was with great pleasure I was turned onto Hot Tina, who have been building a large fan base in the area for the past few years.

The band is filled with legends from the SLO scene made up of bands like Dirty Pink Slips, TRASH and Rattlecake. Shea Kelly, one of the bands leading ladies, also ran LadyFest for three years. They are heavily into women's causes which I felt made them a perfect band to highlight given this past weeks unfortunate abortion bills being approved.

Can't make it to Cali? Check them out on their upcoming tour. They remind me of a Dick Dale influenced Blondie (punk years not disco). It's poppy and fun but its also saying something something and filled with empowerment for women. Basically, everything we stand for!

Listen Below!!!!

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