HOLY CHILD - New Wave Goth Rock from Washington - NEW EP OUT NOW!

Holy Child happens to be making my quarantine a lot more fun. The 80's inspired new wave rockers remind of the classic underground new wave post-punk bands - in the vein of Public Image Ltd or TSOL. It is upbeat with a gothic industrial vibe. You can dance to it or you can just enjoy it while working out. Their first track, Alien, reminds me a bit of Catholic Disciplines which is one of the bands you'll see in the first Decline of Western Civilization movie. Late punk and early new wave. The male-female vocals have a Pixies vibe, which just about gave me a girl boner.

Their self-titled EP is available now via Bandcamp. Please do not get them confused with the L.A. duo who go by the same name. This Holy Child is so much more interesting and cool. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


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