HIGH FIGHTER - Stoner Sludge Blues Influenced Metal. New Album Out Now!

Calling all fans of doom, sludge, ugly sounding and daunting rock. If you haven't had the chance to hear HIGH FIGHTER from Germany, consider this your wake up call. Formed in 2014, the 5-piece from Hamburg has just released their latest album titled Champain.

Fronted by the versatile Mona Milusk, she is able to create the perfect death metal growl but also the perfect blues/soul melody. The ability to transition to different depths keeps the listener wanting more. The riffs provided can be eerie to heavy. Its a schizophrenic rock n roll party and I am all for it.

The band is known to fans of the genera but this album is notably heavier and more aggressive. They are veterans of the doom festivals like Waken and Desertfest and will continue to support the album with dates through 2019.

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