HELLA - Black Metal Musician, Artist, DOCTOR, and Mother!

Hella began her musical career in the year 2002, assisting some local bands (Grimmorum, Dark Evocation) on keyboard/synth. In those times there were not many bands locally, but the local scene would still try and gather frequently inviting bigger bands to come and perform. She also had decided to enter the University of her City to become a Medical Doctor. This great task took away much of her time from her passion of being a musician. She had to make that sacrifice for her son and to offer him a better future. Long hours of work and schooling took a great toll on her and her spirit, but she still persevered. She still dreamt of someday returning to what truly made her happy and complete - being a musician. Some years passed and after a solid contact with a Black Metal band from South Africa, she received an invitation from the band Vinterslav to assist on bass for their debut demo which she happily accepted. She continued her dream to someday have her own band, where she could truly compose her own music. In 2006 she created her band, Maledictvs. In the process of trying to get her music out, she was invited to a 3 way split with Ukranian Black Metal demons Moloch and Mexican Black Metal band Lost in the Shadows. This split would eventually assist her greatly to mark her presence in the BM underground movement. Having to once again leave to complete her studies as a doctor, she stepped away from Maledictvs. Once finshed, she decided to continued the band as her own project, without other official members. She was the sole writer & composer of all the music for her full length.

After meeting her now husband, Blackthorn of Thornspawn, she decided to focus on the future of her family. Now on the center stage of the underground and in the eyes of everyone, she has been invited to perform guest vocals with bands like Funereal Moon (Mexico) and Vhorthax (Russia). Hella next took up painting, which has also brought her great success. This is when Goddess of Impurity Productions begins. She began by painting on leather vests, purses, and denim & leather jackets. She then focused on fabric and began to paint banners of all sizes for private collectors. Slowly she created a name for herself and was approached by Vital Remains to create a banner for their tour which again is impressive in size & detail. She skyrockets and begins to paint for bands like Profanatica, Impurity, Necroholocaust, Impiety, Blasphemy, and the list goes on and on. To all this, it is far from the end, but just a small view of the surface that she has decimated with her art & music.

To the Doctor, Mother, Wife, & Daughter, her heart has always guided her and truly is an impeccable human being that has no boundaries, or limits herself to fears. All by her own hand and will she has accomplished all this, and what yet is still to come. All Hail the Goddess of Impurity, All Hail Hella!!



https://www.instagram.com/goddessofimpurityprod/ https://maledictvs.bandcamp.com/


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