HELEN MONEY - Original, Instrumental, Cello Compositions Played Through Guitar Amps. ATOMIC out now

Hold the phones! We have something truly unique and worth knowing a lot more about. Today we chat about HELEN MONEY (real name Alison Chesley) from Chicago, who should be a household name with all she has accomplished. Besides all the incredible people she has worked with and toured with, she co-wrote a soundtrack to the horror movie "Girl on the Third Floor". She also co-wrote the trailer music for the Elizabeth Moss thriller,"The Invisible Man." Let's learn.

Helen has worked with artists like Bob Mould, Anthrax, Russian Circles, Joe Lally/FUGAZI, Plague Bringer, Mono, Disturbed, and others. Atomic debuted on Billboard's Classical Crossover chart at #11. With producer-engineer Steve Albini and guitarist Tim Midyett (Sunn O), she co-wrote and recorded a horror movie soundtrack for the film "Girl on the Third Floor", out now as a double LP on Touch and Go Records. With writing partner Will Thomas, she wrote music used for the trailer of the Hollywood produced film, "The Invisible Man." She has toured with Shellac, Neurosis, Sleep, Bob Mould, MONO, Russian Circles, Earth, Jarboe, Messthetics, Magma, Rachel Grimes, Thalia Zedek. 

ATOMIC explores the delicate, symbiotic relationship between all things in the universe. Everything in the universe, is made up of atoms (this is where the album title, Atomic, comes from). Though she composed the tracks more than a year ago they speak to both the pandemic and anti-racism protests. The reality is, despite everything, we are all connected. Not just to each other but to our environment, this planet, this world.  Alison is an outspoken advocate for equality, global thinking, environmental consciousness. She uses her platform to spread truth. This album speaks to many truths people are currently struggling with.


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