Hear "Sit on my Face" A new song from ARRE! ARRE! New Album Celebrates Sexual and Body Empowerment!

We love Sweden's Arre! Arre! and their feminist pop-punk vibe that is filled with naughty lyrics and humerus titles. Under all that though lies truths about being women in a world dominated by old, mostly-white men. This album is a giant "Fuck You" to all the men who challenge women who are comfortable with so-called flaws and self-confidence. Arre!Arre! for president.

"Society and the media often act as if a woman’s entire existence and self-image depend on how fuckable they are, according to a very narrow standard. We’ve had enough of it. Heavy Breathing is a celebration of women who make no excuses for their sexuality, their body, their lifestyle or their opinions. We want to champion female sexuality owned by women themselves. The sexuality that’s full of cellulites, laughter, self love and free will! Through our music we’re saying F*ck You to the media’s and societies distorted image of us. You do you. Literally - buy an sfp2 and make it rain." – Arre! Arre!



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