Haunting, Intense and Dark - Meet SEIL LIEN. The perfect musical storm during self-isolation.

Scotland's Seil Lien has been getting great buzz and their debut album isn't even out yet. They have been featured as the artist on a Boots No 7 campaign and lead-singer Marie-Claire has filled in for Shirley Manson during the Goodbye Mr.Mackenzie reunion shows. The debut album, Shatter, is being released April 17th and already has the press and streaming outlets excited about it.

Marie-Claire has been described as "Kate Bush meets Nine Inch Nails" which is a good comparison. Her dramatic lyrics and hauntingly beautiful vocals is the perfect compliment to the gothic rock style of the music she fronts. It has the feels of Depeche Mode and My Bloody Valentine which is exactly the kind of music that goes with self-isolation. It is beautiful.


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