HARLEQUIN/RITUAL MOON Split EP Out Now on Rapid Fire Records!

Harlequin, the Los Angeles three-piece death metal band, and Ritual Moon, the blackened thrash three-piece, have combined their forces for a new split EP from Rapid Fire Records!

Both bands feature all women and share bass player/vocalist Rachel Solis. The musicianship in both bands is steller and be sure to check out the guitar solo in song Crimson Avenger which is posted below.

Ritual Moon is a perfect example of blackened thrash that has the high pitch/low growl vocals of black metal and the fast, ear-bleeding insane music to accompany it.

Harlequin is more of a straight up old-school death metal band. The deep growl with high pitch overlay and heavy riffs along with blast-beat drumming is enough to make this split in my top of 2020 so far.

This split is heavier than just about anything I've heard lately from bands filled with dudes. These women are amazing and I hope to hell they tour soon.

For now, buy their shit at bandcamp and give them a follow.





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