In honor of this breakthrough album we are going to re-publish the open letter than bassist Melissa Auf der Maur has written to Kerrang! magazine. In this letter she re-emphasizes the importance of this album and how Courtney Love's contribution to rock n roll has been heavily overshadowed by the death of Kurt Cobain. Melissa and Courtney are still close friends to this day making them the ultimate girl gang goals.

Dear Kerrang!

First off – you were the first rock mag to give me a centerfold spread, a cool, straight-up live shot of me on bass at some UK festival; no fashion slick shit, just me rocking onstage, as I should be. You held the rock flame alive as long as any did, and for those of us who hold the rock flame eternal, I thank you for that.

I am about to segue way into a letter I wrote to Courtney Love, my former bandmate and fearless leader, last year when I honored her at Basilica Hudson, my multi-disciplinary arts center in Hudson, NY. The soiree was called Pioneering People: Courtney Love – Celebrating The Magic And The Power. It was a tribute to her in the form of variety show-meets-This Is Your Life, all culminating in Courtney and I performing some Hole classics backed by Rock Academy’s Rebel Girls – a teen girl cover band based out of Woodstock, NY. The event was magic and also marked the 20-year anniversary of the release of our last album Celebrity Skin.

BUT FIRST! Speaking of anniversaries, this year is the 25-year anniversary of Live Through This, the iconic album I had the honor to tag onto in the weeks following its release, and the loss of Kurt Cobain and former Hole bass player Kristen Pfaff. Now, that’s an album that’s holding up very strongly! Timeless, yet ahead of its time. As an insider / outsider (I didn’t play on the record, but I supported the release and worldwide tour), I can boast that it is a gift for women of all generations – something important for women to discover today and into the future.

This year is also, as I’m sure you all know, the 25-year anniversary of Kurt’s death. As a woman who spent quite a bit of time in Hole, and whose entire adult life has been devoted to music and the power of the stories and sounds bringing us together, I must declare, I will not stand for Kurt’s death overshadowing the life and work of the women he left behind this year. It’s a miracle Courtney is still alive (and I just had tea with her, she’s totally alive and engaged! Ready to go!) and their daughter Frances Bean is thriving and growing into an amazing woman with music in her soul and dreams of her own.

This is their time to shine, in honor of all the women who have been left behind in the world of music and beyond…

Now Kerrang!, you have to do your part…

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