Guitar Goddess: Electric Wizard's Liz Buckingham

Talent, beauty and brains. Liz Buckingham has all the qualities of a perfect role model in a time when women are more subjected to criticism than ever before.

Sometimes talent lurks hidden away from major press, ad campaigns, and sexy pictures plastered all over social media. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but it is not the route everyone takes. Often, we find that some people just want to play music. They don't go looking for the acrylamide or the attention. They just want to get on stage and rock the fuck out. When I think of someone that this holds true to, I immediately think of guitarist Liz Buckingham. Not only is she the guitar player and one of the writers for doom gods Electric Wizard since 2003, but prior to her work with them she was a part of the sludge band Sovereign and the short lived, yet cult followed, New York City sludge band 13.

Since joining Electric Wizard she has released 5 studio albums with them including co-producing 2017's Wizard Bloody Wizard. Yes, she is beautiful and can wear leather pants better than most people and yes her style is remarkable. It is her guitar playing though that got her where she is. It is her guitar playing that sets her apart from others in the recently over saturated doom metal market. It is her guitar playing that she will someday leave to other young women to look up to, be inspired by, and hopefully help create more female musicians to carry on the doom metal/sludge banner.

To check out Liz live in action, we've included a performance of her at 2012's Maryland Deathfest.

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