GRIM BITCH - Sludge Metal from a Secret Duo of Women....

Scrolling Bandcamp one night I came across Grim Bitch who have a sound like early L7 meets Cathedral. If that sounds awesome, it sure as fuck is.

I scoured the internet for more info except there wasn't any. I wrote the band who explained they were 2 rock chicks over in the UK somewhere who are already in bands. This is a secret side project for now. What I will tell you is that one of these ladies described the hope for the band as saying "We want to get a bit nasty."

Do ya really need to know anymore than that? Follow them on bandcamp and just enjoy what they choose to give us, which so far is everything I love. Its ugly sludge with some subtle feminism in it. As the handmaids say - "Praise Be."

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