Go! Go! Go! - Debut EP by LOBSTERBOMB

Members Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar – she/her), Vik Chi (drums- she/her), and Crayon jones (guitar – he/him) started LOBSTERBOMB in a basement in Berlin. On July 30, 2021, LOBSTERBOMB debuted their Go! Go! Go! EP. Recorded in true DIY fashion by the band and mixed by Peter Thoms (Akne Kid joe), this energetic indie-garage-punk is catchy and optimistic. The guitars lend memorable progressions with a positive beat, it’s hard not to tap your foot or move along to the music.

Go! Go! Go! examines common feelings of frustration with a sense of optimism that things can change for the better. “I Want Noise,” “Wake Up”, and “Ready to Go” were some of my personal favorite listens on the EP. All are equally lively, but I especially love the drum intro with the guitars on "Wake Up".

If you enjoy indie-garage-punk, you'll dig LOBSTERBOMB.

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