GHOULI - Richmond Virginia's Hardcore Punk Blackened Thrash - New EP Out Now!

Richmond, Virginia is no stranger to really great music and particularity, really great punk. There is an authenticity about that area that has a history of masterfully combining elements of metal and hardcore punk in new ways that previous generations haven't grasped. Its refreshing and it is a sign that this particular area is worth looking more into.

This brings us to Ghouli who I immediately fell in love with upon hearing their new EP, Nothing. Vocalist Mackenzie has a unique thrash style with an almost black metal-esq vocal tone. Unlike black metal, this music is more upbeat and you can actually understand most of what she says. Lyrically there are some feminist elements and socio-political themes. One thing I love about the band is the guitar riffs. It keeps the listener interested and it breaks up the songs so they aren't repetitive. Its simple punk but its also really well put together.

Give Ghouli a follow and be sure to check out the Nothing EP. Super excited about this band.

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