GATTACA - The Czech Vegan-Crust-Punks Are Celebrating 10 Years with a New Album

The Czech Republic has an incredible D.I.Y. punk scene that doesn't get the attention it truly deserves. Paving the road for the scene has been Gattaca, the hardcore crust punks who embrace veganism, social issues, feminism, racial issues..the list goes on. They use their music to voice their beliefs and create an energy that is infectious.

The new album, “Monumenty selhání (Monuments of Failure), is said to be their most personal yet. In the four years since their last release, the band has grown in their songwriting and musicianship. One thing I love is that on their Bandcamp they have the English translation for all their lyrics. They also have information about the songs, the meanings, and the issues behind them. This is important because music is universal and being able to understand the lyrics helps to understand the band's message.

You can order the album via Bandcamp or buy it digital. If you are a fan of female-fronted crust that has strong messages that embrace the DIY ethics, this band is surly not to be overlooked.


All eyes over here, * so we don´t think that we are alone so we forgot the fear and displace uncertainty ** May the illusions cover the memories may the envy drown our interests Let us forget that life will never be beautiful All eyes over here or at least let´s pretend So we can think that it isn´t a lost battle

* "In synoptic space, particular news reporters, more or less brilliant media personalities and commentators who are continuously visible and seen are of particular importance. They actively filter and shape information ... they place topics on the agenda and avoid placing topics on the agenda." (Thomas Mathiesen - The Viewer Society: Michel Foucault's 'Panopticon' Revisited)

** "In addition to a desire for order, control, discipline and profit, surveillance has voyeuristic entertainment value. Clips from CCTV’s are now a staple of daytime talk shows while programmes such as America’s Dumbest Criminals have helped soften the authoritarian overtones of mass public surveillance" (Kevin D. Haggerty & Richard V. Ericson - The Surveillant Assemblage)

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