GALLOMAKER - Horror Surf-Rock For This Helloween Season. Check out their newest demo, DEMO(N)S II.

If you like songs about serial killers and songs inspired by horror movies, you must check out Gallomaker! Hailing from Washington, singer Katy Scheer is a refreshing voice to hear nowadays. She has a grunge-meets-rockabilly vocal style that is not only unique but can also be haunting at times.

They call themselves "surfy deathrock" and I think that is a perfect description. They have those moments of Dick Dale guitar licks but much more punk driven. Listen to the song we are featuring, Maniac Lagoon, and you'll hear what I mean. So far we just have demos from them but I am definitely hopeful we hear a full-length in the near future. Some of their song subjects might remind you more of a Macabre song (Macabre are death metal gods from Chicago) but its very cool to hear a song about Jeffrey Dahmer that is actually dancable.

I love this season and even more I love fierce females who embrace it onstage. Follow the band below.

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