FUTURE SCARS - New Album Harrow, out on Matron Records on August 9th

What can I tell you about my impression of the new album from Future Scars, the Santa Fe,New Mexico based part prog, part indie, post-rock yet still fucking musically relevant band that I want you to know? Excuse my run on sentences. I'm just excited.

August 9th the band will release Harrow, their first full-length which features 10 tracks ranging from intense noise rock to peaceful mellow tunes that still rock. This isn't music you are going to hear in the dressing room at H&M, and thank God. This album is SO good. Singer-guitarist Eliza Lutz has a voice that immediately reminded me of a cross between Kate Bush and Karen Elson. Basically, its beautiful. She has a wide range and can go from yelling to singing without sounding like every other artist out now. When you hear her, you will know its her. Musically she is backed by a band who reminded me of a cross between a less metal version of Queensryche and a less crazy version of the Melvins. They asked me to write a review and I suck at writing them because everyone hears music a different way. That what is beautiful about it. Just trust me on this one, this album is really fucking great.

When reading about the album I come across a quote from Lutz, the main songwriter, who said this about the theme of the album:

“Part of the reason this album is so intense is that I wrote the songs on Harrow during a very difficult and traumatic time in my life,” explains Lutz. “It’s not something I tell everyone, but Future Scars’ original lineup broke up because I was assaulted by our former bassist. The experience was so exhausting and emotionally confusing, I almost felt like giving up playing music entirely. But ultimately, I decided that would be a defeat. So I wrote Harrow as a way to process and tell the story of what happened. It was also a way for me to create heavy music that took a stand against toxic masculinity and rape culture, which is so rampant in the music scenes I grew up in.”

Is there anything more awesome than a woman who takes her trauma and channels it into her art for all of us to be inspired by? I'm angry so many of my favorite women have to go through this but I'm also glad it doesn't stop them from creating. We need these women now more than ever.

Lutz also owns and runs Matron Records which will be releasing Harrow on August 9th. In the meantime, obsess with me over the music video for the first single, Failure to Thrive. Follow the band at the following links and as always, your welcome :)



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