FURIES - NWOBHM Inspired Rock from Paris! UNLEASH THE FURIES!!!!!

I wish there was more female orientated NWOBHM bands than there are, but let focus on the positive. Furies hail from Paris, France. Featuring singer and bass player Lynda Basstarde and drummer Zaza Bathory (love that name) these women are going to be the next big thing. Set to release their debut album in 2020, we couldn't be more excited.

Lynda's vocals are exactly what you want to have in a metal band like this. She can hit those high notes and keep the melody when she does so. The songs have classic heavy metal dual guitar leads which highlight the musicianship of the band. There isn't anything repetitive about what I have heard. The 2-track demo that the band released in 2017 is available on limited colored cassette through bandcamp. I am so excited to hear more from this band, and those of you in Europe can see them live as they currently have shows booked through the end of the year.


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