FRAYLE - Doom From Cleveland Featuring A True White Witch

Cleveland's Frayle, the industrial doom newbies who are getting nothing but critical claim, are a refreshing take on the genera. Yes, singer Gwen Strand is gorgeous and has a to-die-for wardrobe, but it is her voice that stands out more than anything.

The band was formed in Cleveland in 2017 by Sean Bilovecky and Gwyn Strang. In addition to Bilovecky and Strang, the band now includes Eric Mzik on bass, Elliot Rosen on rhythm guitar, and Pat Ginley on drums. Last year they released their first EP, The White Witch and Just last month they released a new 7 inch, Dead Inside. This is what comes with these spell ingredients I mentioned as well as a custom “alchemy box” containing a signature Aqualamb 100 page printed art book created for the release.

The band describes themselves as "Lullabies over Chaos" and I would say that's a fair statement. Like all women of doom, Strand has a beautiful voice. There isn't much I can compare to it, but it does remind me of the first My Ruin album with hints of the first Helium album. The angel-like vocals against the powerful riffs and feeling of impending destruction is a welcome addition to the new generation of doom metal.

People say music sucks these days, and believe me it does, but these people haven't heard Frayle. In an era where we have to really seek out the truly great artist have done the dirty work for you. Ladies and gentlemen, you will not be disappointed.

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