Florida's SMOKE MOUNTAIN - Heavy Riffs, Psych-Doom..Debut album out now!

Florida doomsters Smoke Mountain first came onto the scene back in 2017 with their self-titled EP. For fans of psychedelic fuzz, doom, crushing riffs and occult influences it was easy to fall in love with them. The EP sold out in physical format, but you can still check it out on Bandcamp. Finally the band is back, this time with their debut full length titled Queen of Sin.

The band, a trio of family members, is anything but the Partridge family. There is something to be said for people who know each other like family members do, the chemistry is just natural. You easily pick up on this with their new album, which was released March 27th on Argonauta Records. Vocalist Sarah Pitt has the perfect voice to front a band with this much heaviness. Her voice has a range that can go from the deep blues to the heaviest metal.

Queen of Sin has been out for less than 2 weeks and already has dozens of purchases on Bandcamp. Take a listen, follow and support!



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