Feel the Horrors on the debut demo from - NO GOD ONLY TEETH

Hamburg, Germany will probably always be one of the coolest places to go and home of some of the most awesome musicians and fans. So no surprise, I fell in love with No God Only Teeth who released their debut demo on January 1st. Lead vocals is by some awesome woman whose name I couldn't find (this is a DIY site, what do you expect?). Shes alone among the rest of the men in the band and all together they form a sludge, doom, hardcore orgy.

The "demo" is two songs and the sound is crisp and powerful. The music is hard and ugly. Its fast and its slow. It is dark and it is mad. The contradicting sounds in the music, along with the growling yet beautiful sad and angry vocals, makes for a truly special band. People will be talking about them. As I listened to the demo I had the Donald Trump rally playing in the background - just for laughs because he sounds like a cult leader - and when the song Gegenlicht started it sounded like the world was ending. The sound of broken promises by the orange man with the doom and destruction of the song over it just ended up making total sense. Ah, the power of metal.

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