FAETOOTH - Los Angeles Doom-gaze, Experimental, Sludge Chaos. Listen to their debut EP out Now!

So, I know I am a little late on the Faetooth train. Their debut EP,...An Invocation, came out last December but that's no reason for me not to embrace their excellence. All reviews kept saying the band was "experimental" which peaked my interest. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was blown away when I finally got to listen.

The 4-track EP is a hurricane of sludge, doom, shoegaze, and death metal. Of course it would take 4 women to pull off blending the genres so seamlessly and effortlessly. The band takes influences from everyone including the likes of Kittie, Black Sabbath, Chelsea Wolfe, and T-Rex. The women are also scene veterans who play in other bands and help promote shows. They recorded the EP in Los Angeles with Emilio Zoen (from Chill Trigger) and released it at the end of last year.

After hearing the EP, I am SO excited to hear a full-length which apparently the ladies are in the process of creating. If you are a fan of doom, sludge or anything weird and exciting, definitely check them out.




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