Exclusive! KELLI FRANCES CORRADO New Single “Shadow Moon Astrological Doom” Watch Now!

Multi-talented musician Kelli Frances Corrado is gearing up to release her new album, Tuff Feathers, which is available for pre-order now.

Tuff Feathers exists between heaven and earth. The flight path where intuition and courage lie. The bridge that connects chaos and understanding. Kelli Frances Corrado has created her most vulnerable music to date. Guiding us to lean into fear and find strength within it. The music is minimal, empowering vocals with complex synth layers, pulsing beats and autoharp. Kelli Frances chants about losing friends, standing up to naysayers, watching loved ones disappear and above all standing strong in who you are and what you believe, no matter where the path leads. The spellbinding song ‘Shadow Moon Astrological Doom’ pleads with us not to lose ourselves in the darkness of uncertain times but to trust each other. Track ‘Murky water vs the mermaid ’ chants ‘you live in murky water, looking for light, find it with all your might.’ Lyrics that are a theme throughout the whole album. Corrado mesmerizes us into her bewitching landscape reminding us we are the masters of our magic and we are much stronger than we think we are.

In addition, each song is written in a specific musical key based in a spiritual practice taught to Kelli by her Bohemian Grandmother. This is meant to invoke healing and empowering energy.

Tape proceeds go to Star Farm Chicago. https://www.starfarmchicago.net/ "Star Farm Chicago is a non-profit urban farm and landscaping service established in 2016 in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. We work to increase access of local organic produce through farmers markets, pop-ups, delivery, and our local foods co-op. On the farm, we create an inclusive space by providing local jobs, vocational training and horticultural therapy to people with disabilities, employment barriers, and empowering women. Through our work, we hope to inspire the next generation of urban growers and food justice advocates while improving the long term health and mental health outcomes of the community."

https://grimalkinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tuff-feathers https://kellifrancescorrado1.bandcamp.com/



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