ELLE NOIR - Meet the new Goddess of Goth Rock. Listen to "Like a Black Doll" Now!

Italy's Elle Noir was the perfect artist for the year 2020. She is dark, unpredictable, and her music is about the emotional discomfort people can experience. Unlike 2020, She is a gem in the apocalyptic world we are finding ourselves in. Her music is a blend of piano based rock with synth elements. She has that Portishead-meets-Siouxsie Sioux vibe that mixes her beautiful jazz-esq and sometimes operatic voice with the dark nature of her subjects.

Elle discovered music early and her love for the dark and mysterious became a focus point when she was young and experienced the death of her father. In time, she played in a symphonic metal band and went on to graduate in Opera singing ,Musicology and in Music Composition. Eventually she became the Elle Noir we know now, the beautiful, goth artist that has a passion for the darker side of life. She releases her new EP, "Like a Black Doll" on November 27th.

"My inner worlds are always autobiographical, my songs are always lived in the first person. Death, mental illness and emotional states of discomfort are central themes in my writing. When I write a lyric I always have an image in mind and try to describe it. My lyrics are little narrated and very visual.”

– Elle Noir

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