DRYAD - Noisy Raw Black Metal from Iowa City

If you have never been to Iowa city, you aren't missing much. So, I was surprised when I was told to give a listen to Dryad, the noise trio fronted by Claire Nunez (she is also the guitar player). Of course sometimes the best stuff comes from the places you would least expect. In the midst of John Deer tractors and corn fields, they have created a sound that will melt your face off.

Their most recent release is a split with Acid Leather but its short so I am going to link you to their 5 song EP released last year called The Silurian Age. Definitely also check out the split because Acid Leather rule and the artwork was done by my friend Lauren who is bad-ass. The raw black metal/noise/sludge sound of this band is so pure that my only regret is not finding out about them sooner. They will be touring this summer so if they come by your area, make sure to support! (cover photo by Juliette Enloe).



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