DR. DIDI - Recetario de Urgencias - New Solo Album Out Now! (ex: Perra Vida and Alias La Gringa)

We have been a fan of Diana Matos for years from her days as the punk frontwoman of Alias La Gringa and Perra Vida. Not only has she always been a fierce riot grrl, but her day job is working as an emergency room doctor in her hometown of Arequipa, Peru. We couldn't be more excited that her first solo endeavor is out and mixes pop-punk and electro-pop elements. It is a feel-good album that will have you dancing and wishing you were on the beach sipping a pina colada.




Diana Matos, an emergency physician from Arequipa, Peru, with a loud and fabulous voice. She became known as frontwoman of the bands Alias la Gringa and Perra Vida. Her bands have appeared on VICE, Maximum Rock n´Roll and Vans Mexico, as well as in Peruvian media. She has been recognized by Bandcamp as “Best Punk of July 2018” and then as “The Best of Bandcamp in October 2019”.

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