DOOMFALL -Self-Titled Debut Album from the Texas 5-Piece - A Must Listen!

I have probably said before that you can never have enough great doom bands. It happens to be one genre that isn't afraid to show the powerful vocals of many female vocalists (and guitarists, drummers, bass players, ect).

I can't figure out what makes doom so much more open to women but why overthink it? This of course brings us to today's feature band, Doomfall, who hail from Denton, Texas. Their powerful vocalist is Katie Puryear, whose voice seems like it was meant for the drama and soulfulness needed to convey such a dark and bewitching sound. They have released their self-titled debut last week and it is the perfect blend of heavy riffs and epic vocals that make a great soundtrack to the impending apocalypse.

Fans of doom rejoice, Doomfall have given us another reason to love the genera.

IG: @doomfallband

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