Doom-Pop Louise Lemón Releases Sophomore Album

After crafting a wildly successful debut LP together (Purge, 2018), Louise Lemón and producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Myrkur, Chelsea Wolfe) have teamed up yet again for the doom-pop singer’s follow-up, A Broken Heart is an Open Heart. Reinventing the heartbreak narrative one power ballad at a time, Lemón finds empowerment in the slow burns, steady fades, and full-on flame-outs that young love brings.

The title says it all: A Broken Heart is an Open Heart balances lionhearted fearlessness with unswerving vulnerability. Taking cues from ‘70s psych-rock and her blues-singing past, Lemón’s debut is, fittingly, a seamless culmination of a lifetime spent in music. With a powerhouse voice and undeniable storytelling prowess, Lemón crafts love-driven narratives from the perspective of a runaway bride, a lover left in the lurch, and all the space between.

“I wanted to make it this album both darker and brighter,” Lemón says of her sonic evolution. “I’ve evolved as a woman and with my writing I’ve explored new feelings, going further and deeper in to the ways I’ve felt and the situations life's brought me to.”

A Broken Heart is an Open Heart is available worldwide via Icons Creating Evil Art. Order a copy of your own here.

A Broken Heart is an Open Heart — Track Listing: 

1. Sunlight

2. Montaña

3. Not Enough

4. Blurry Vision

5. Swimming in Sadness

6. Susceptible Soul

7. Cross

8. Honest Heart

9. Almond Milk

10. A Broken Heart is an Open Heart

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