DIVAHAR: Armenia Metal

When you think of Armenia, you don't usually think of metal. Divahar, which translates to the English word Possessed, are on a quest to change that. The all female symphonic melodic metal band already have a growing international following and a full length album they released in 2014 (Divarise on Greece's Sleaszy Rider Records). The album has a song that features Mayhem's vocalist, Attila Csihar, and clocks in at eight songs just under 44 minutes.

Some, including the band themselves, have referred to the band as black metal. I can't go along with that because the vocals are clean, the production is clean, the use of symphonic elements point more toward a band like Epica rather than a Burzum. Still, Divahar has been around since 2009 and show no signs of stopping. Yes, they have played into the gimmicks of the typical women in bands by wearing corsets and leather wrist bands. When you read reviews of the band, written by men, this is always pointed out and noted. However, get past all of theatrics and image you can see these women really do have talent.

One has to also consider Armeina. The small, isolated country is not known for being a mecca of heavy metal. There are some, but not many, metal bands. Narrow that down to an alternative sub genera like symphonic metal and the gap is even smaller. Considering all this I think these women really do have what it takes to become known on a much larger scale. Its been five years since their album and I do look forward to hearing another one. I think in five years they have probably not only grown musically but also in song writing and in playing. Take a listen for yourself below.

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