Did You See/Hear The New LINGUA IGNOTA???

Last week, our Lord and Savior, Lingua Ignota (aka Kristin Hayter) released her new single Pennsylvania Furnace. This is the first released off her new album Sinner Get Ready, which drops on August 6th (pre-orders now up). On the new album, Hayter had this to say to Loudersound.com

“The record ended up being very much about my experience of the year. It was a dark year for everyone. I had some interpersonal things going on, I had surgery on my back and spine, so I had a bunch of months where I was in excruciating pain, trying to get surgery during COVID. Also I was in a totally different place where I’ve never lived before, in Pennsylvania. A lot of the palette of what I understand as Pennsylvanian has seeped into this record; it’s a very interesting, remote, isolated and kind of dark place, and I think it has become a big part of how the record sounds.”

Part religious experience, part exorcism, Lingua Ignota is once again the reining queen of pleasurable pain. Can not wait to hear what else this record has in store for us fans.

For pre-orders: https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/lingua-ignota

Official Website: https://linguaignota.net/

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