DEVIL SEED - Budapest's Doom Lords First Full-Length Just Released!

Devil Seed has been spreading the gospel of Doom since their 2018 song Firecult which was a great introduction to band. Mixing various elements from traditional doom metal and sludge, the contrast within the songs is a definite welcome to a genera that can sometimes be repetitive.

The vocals come from a woman who goes by the single name: Stragessa. Her vocals were definitely meant for Doom, as her range enables her to sing deep, long and loud. She leads a band of talented musicians who understand the feelings they are trying to convey. Can there ever be enough doom bands? The answer is and will always be, No.

This self-titled album marks the bands first full-length. Put this on your "must listen to" list as they deliver on every track. Looking forward to seeing where this band goes, hope to see them on some future festival lineups.

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