Detroit's Sangreal Records Releases ANGHELL/BITCHCRAFT Split LP

Sangreal Records is pleased to announce the release of Anghell/Bitchcraft self-titled split album. These never before officially released recordings were re-mastered from DAT tape for vinyl. Anghell and Bitchcraft were a unique presence among the male dominated metal scene in Detroit in the early 90s. Veterans of the local clubs that hosted major acts and acted as stepping- stones for an over saturated scene, Anghell stood apart. Their fast paced, high energy thrash focused on dark, gothic themes. Their songs have a distinctly haunting feeling not often found in this genre. With the combination of incredible musicianship, a dramatic stage presence and overt sex appeal, it seemed as if Anghell would breakthrough into mainstream success.

However, line up changes transpired and roadblocks occurred. Anghell regrouped with new members Cori Anderson on guitar and Taryn “Tararyzer” Lee on bass to form as Bitchcraft. The spirit of Anghell remains a core part of the Bitchcraft recordings.However, a more dominant presence of bass and a wider range of musical influences such as Sepultura and Slayer become apparent. Bitchcraft broadened the depth of the group in many ways. Fans of Anghell would remain connected to their new music but Bitchcraft provided a strong range that illustrated what this group of players was able to produce. These recordings are a legacy of incredible talent. Now available for the first time ever on pink or black vinyl with a double sided color insert. 20% of proceeds will be donated to Taryn Lee's medical expenses as she faces off against cancer. A bonus track will be available via digital download in the next two weeks for all purchasers. $20+ shipping.

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