Detroit's GIRL FIGHT - Keeping Detroit a Punk Rock Capital. New Music Out Now!

They don't call it Detroit Rock City for nothing. Breeding in the rust belt city is a punk scene that is alive and crusty (in a good way). Lots of bands have surfaced to me in the past year who would make Iggy proud. One of those is Girl Fight, the two-piece woman and man guitar and drum duo. This ain't the White Stripes though. Girl Fight is heavy and loud. They create a sound that is like the MC5 meeting old Babes in Toyland.

Ellen Cope is the girl banging the drums and screaming her heart out. Lyrics can be political and the band is known for bringing their music to support causes they believe in. Their recent release, Kill/Swam, will donate 100% proceeds to the Australia Wildfire Relief when you buy it at their live shows. Copies are limited though so get it while you can.

I'm ready Penelope Spheeris to film the fourth installment of Decline of Western Civilization and I'm ready for it to take place in Detroit. Girl Fight would be a perfect fit. I leave you with my favorite track from Kill/Swam which I think highlights everything cool about the band.

KILL/SWAM is available from Painters Tapes.

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