DETOX - One of the Best Lebanese Hardcore Bands is Now Being Re-Issued!

A World Divided Tapes in Montreal has answered my prayers and finally re-issued the 2009 5-song album Sects and Violence from hardcore punks Detox. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2015, but they were an incredible force and reminded me of the greats like Nausea and Detestation.

Detox were made up for 4 Lebanese punk rockers, some whom were previously in the band Benzene. Benzene called it quits in 2006 when Israel invaded their homeland forcing the members to become refugees. After some travel they ended back up in the Hamra district of Beirut. Vocalist Aida was one of the greatest front-women in punk, her vocals absolute perfection for the style and rage that the songs represented.

There isn't a lot known about Detox, but that's probably on purpose. The band was political and lived through more than most of us will ever know. Fans of true hardcore punk will love this tape, which is available now but in limited release.

You can still access the bands Facebook page here.

Buy the tape here.

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