Designer Profile: Catrinoire

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Your own cat claw at your fingertips.

One morning I woke up to a post in one of my Facebook groups from designer Catrinoire displaying her new ring: the cat claw protection ring. Beside it being aesthetically badass, it also is able to function like an actual cat claw. Self protection and a gorgeous piece of jewelry all in one. I think this is an amazing concept and a great gift for yourself or your favorite female. Cat describes her inspiration for her jewelry the following way:

"My work comes from a post-apocalyptic vision I have in me.  On one side, the incomprehension I have of this chaotic world we live in leaves me vulnerable, thus leading me to create weapon-like pieces to protect myself.  On the other side, the black path I use to explore this side of myself of me dictates the aesthetic I give my pieces."

The rings are available on her website, priced in Canadian dollars (rings start at approx. $200.00 USD). You can order from her website and her Etsy store, links below.

Handmade, stainless steel

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