Demonic Sludge from Australia's WITCHCLIFF

Who knew something so sinister could come from Australia? I guess there is something to be said for the land down under. If you haven't heard Witchcliff, the blackened metal doom band fronted by Holly (no last name but she also plays bass) you are in for a treat.

I imagine when I go to Hell, this might be on the soundtrack. They classify themselves as stoner-doom-sludge but I hear something uglier in it. I say that as a compliment. Its like the smell of death had a song and Witchcliff were the writers. Holly's growls sound like a old person dying and being eaten while still alive. Again, I say this as a compliment. They aren't out here trying to sound beautiful and depressed. They sound angry and homicidal. Its done so well, this band is a hidden gem. I encourage everyone to take a minute and hail Satan while playing their latest album, Rust.

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