DEFIANT BROOD - New EP "Re-Exhumed" Out Now from The Maryland Horror Punks!

Defiant Brood is a pleasurable mix of speed metal and punk rock complete with audience sing-along choruses. The four-piece from Cumberland, Maryland has just released a new four-song EP titled Re-Exhumed. Two songs are older works they have re-recorded and two songs are new. The EP was originally recorded as a demo the band was going to give out at an upcoming show. Stalled due to the pandemic, the band is now releasing it as an EP to help fund their new full-length.

Well-written and well-produced, the EP showcases the excellent vocal abilities of front-woman Siren Sarie. If this was the 90's, the band could have easily been headlining Warped Tours and featured on movie soundtracks. Unfortunately, the music world is much different now and will be even more so once this pandemic dies down. Bands with talent like this do not get near the recognition or press they deserve. Until then, take a listen to the new EP and throw some support their way.

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