Death Metal Supergroup CASTRATOR - Working On New Emasculating Death Metal!

All is not lost in 2020 as Malika Sundaramurthy (Abnormality), Robin Mazen (Derketa, Gruesome), Carolina Perez (Hypoxia) and Priscila Serrano (too many to name!) have been working on new music from their death metal band Castrator. The girls haven't given us new material since 2015 and I personally can not wait! Here is the official post from their Facebook:

"***CASTRATOR news!*** Finally we are able to update you all about some good news. We have finished writing and recording preproduction tracks for 9 original songs for our upcoming album. We will be entering the studio next month to begin tracking. Thank you for your patience, we promise the music will be well worth the wait! Keep following us here on Facebook and Instagram for more news and updates!"

Fans of new and old-school death metal will love this band. Lyrics have centered around murdering rapist and revengeful women. Like I said, all is not lost in 2020!

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