DEAD MEN CAN'T CAT CALL - Meet Alberta's The Shiverettes! Feminist Garage Punk Rock

I had to start 2020 out with giving you something that I believe needs to be in everyone's record collection. If you are a fan of punk, riot grrl, feminist shit then you need to listen to The Shiverettes.

The band is picking up where L7, The Lunachicks, and Babes in Toyland left us in the 1990s. The songs are catchy and well produced. The feminist messages they share are done with anger and humor even when discussing tragic topics. The chorus in the songs are anthem-like which is why I wanted to highlight the song "Dead Men Can't Cat Call."

Women need music like this. They always will. Part of the reason I started this website is so others can discover women who are making music that matters. The Shiverettes are a four-piece (three women and one dude) whose garage punk style is helping to carry the banner of feminist punk.

Their second full length album, Real Shrill Bitches, was released last year and has titles like "Hardbitch" and "Spiteburger." Thank God for punk rock.

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