Darkwave Duo HANGING FREUD Speaks Of Loss/Transformation with new album, Watch Antidote/Immune now!

Its Darkwave week on HSR, and adding to our list of incredible women making music, we introduce you to Glasglow's Hanging Freud.

The Duo is made up of Paula Borges and Jonathan Skinner, whose lyrical themes approach dark multilayered subjects, it's contradictory, emotional and aims to combine sound and lyric as one. Says Paula of the song Andidote/Immune (featured below)

"Well, despite the title, this was written and recorded in 2019. I'd say the theme is about searching for a way to overcome hardship or trauma. I'd say lines like "Wash the sheets off her blood - the forgotten? Do you know how to overcome your own murder? Turn the seconds into days and lovers into wardens" could be interpreted as referring to the invisible abuse women face that is so naturalise, but the theme seems to be more related to overcoming that and rejecting the world's answers of how that should be done"

This comes from the bands 6th full-length album titled Persona Normal.Persona Normal is available now in physical and digital formats on HANGING FREUD's label, Tiny Box. Persona Normal was written produced and recorded by the duo with mastering duties from James Plotkin (Khanate).

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