CYANIDE PARADISE - New Death Metal from the Netherlands, First EP Out Now!

Cyandie Paradise hail from the Netherlands and are a three piece death metal band with influences like Amon Amarth and Scar Symmetry. They have just released their first EP titled Reach for the Stars which they self released. Vocalist Linn Liv is a welcome addition to the strong history of female metal vocalist which hail from the Netherlands. Think more on the likes of Corinne from Acrostichon, who represents the old school death metal sound that Liv is proudly carrying the banner of!

With just four songs this band proves they will be a name to know. They have not only managed to release a professionally sounding EP, but they also have the musical talent that a band needs nowadays to survive. I was also impressed with their song writing which covers topics like the apocalypse and corrupt leadership. I think this band has what it takes to make it and I look forward to seeing them perform live and hearing more of what they have to offer. Check them out at the links below:

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