CUMGIRL8 - Luxury High Fashion Models Prove They Can Be Dirty Punk Rockers

Cumgirl8 sounds like the name of a porno-grind band or a future Cannibal Corpse record. So, imagine my surprise when I learned that these garage-punks are actually high fashion models. We have come a long way when women can walk the cat walk for Marc Jacobs and play a dingy club in NYC the same day.

Before the die-hard punks come at me with their spiked bats, lets remember that punk has always been a fashion statement with an attitude. Vivienne Westwood practically invented the entire style, and the queens like Debbie Harry, Siouxise Sioux, and Theo Kogan have all modeled at one time or another.

Veronika Vilim, Lida Fox, Chase Noelle, might be tall, thin and gorgeous, but they are also funny, talented, and smart. The music is a danceable post-punk sound that has been compared to everyone from The Raincoats to The Slits. The band describes themselves as "being some sort of alien and who want to share that with the world."

Amen, sisters.

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