CROWN OF ASTERIA - New song from the Black Metal Mistress on Split with Canis Dirus!

Out now, the Tundra Mistress herself has a new song that is perfect for crisp air and falling leaves. Yes, Crown of Asteria has given us a new song on a split album with fellow black metal band Canis Dirus.

Raise Her From Beneath The Ashes is the song title and clocking in at just over ten minutes, fans will not be disappointed. The production is excellent and the entire song takes you through every emotion you would expect to experience from good black metal. In a genera where artist are a dime a dozen, you have to weed the good from the bad. If you are not familiar with her work, please take a listen and then go back and listen to her other releases. She truly is an artist who understands the music she is representing.

For more info, follower her at the following links. Listen to the new track below.

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