CLOSET WITCH - New EP Out Now and new shows announced!

Glory be! Iowa's Closet Witch are giving us new material and after the past year and half, finally some shows have been listed! If you aren't familiar with the powerviolence/grind/metal act, now is your chance to catch up. Mellification was released last Friday and the two tracks are leftovers not being used on the bands upcoming full-length. The band has a big following which is largely due to their energetic and impassioned live shows. Vocalist Molly Piatetsky told Captured Howls in 2018:

“We are just doing our own thing, hoping to inspire people to find their outlet, like we did,” Piatetsky adds. “I think we accomplish that regularly, too, which is a beautiful thing. It can be unreal sometimes when we play… you can feel the weight of the world rising from the shoulders of the people smiling and dancing, watching us upfront, sometimes surrounded by their friends who pick them up immediately when Alex accidentally backs into them. It’s a lot of emotion and raw, raw energy brought to the table.”

Show Dates

9.3 Columbia, MO

9.4 Wichita, KS

9.8 Omaha, NE w/Negative Approach

9.9 Des Moines, IA w/Negative Approach

10.29 Minneapolis, MN

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