CHERRY - Toledo's old-school style Hardcore Band: New Demos from 2019 Out Now!

Sometimes I just miss hardcore bands that provide good breakdowns and sing-along anthems. Although we see a lot of women in hardcore punk and crust bands, it isn't as common to see them front the stage in the hardcore scene. I stumbled onto Cherry, the Toledo Ohio four piece, when I was on this particular hunt. It was meant to be because it didn't take me very long to come across their new 4-song demo which are songs recorded in 2019.

Fronted by Lucy Pawlowicz, whom I Facebook stalked and discovered she has amazing style, this band was exactly what I was looking for. The breakdowns and sing-alongs were all there. Though this is just a demo, I can see them being an incredibly energetic band. Based on their Facebook reviews, my presumptions are correct.

Check out the demo on bandcamp and give them a follow here:

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