CASKET ROBBERY - New album Ascension - out now with commentary! Check out their video FROM HELL!

If you love Death Metal and are interested in finding a band that actually features a female, it is not always easy to do so. Luckily in recent years it has become a lot more common. Madison Wisconsin's Casket Robbery, featuring vocalist Megan Orvold, are finally gaining the attention they deserve. A band since 2011, they are influenced by bands like Carcass and Immolation, and also by horror movies. This makes sense especially for them as they are from the Midwest, like many of the murderers that intrigue us and offer inspiration for metal bands and horror movies. A classic combo.

Their latest album, Ascension, has been released with extra bonus commentary. The band also has a video out for the song From Hell which is especially great for this time of year. Megan was recently interviewed for Kerrang! magazine which you can find here.

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Happy Halloween, bitches.

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