BRUJA LUNA - NYC'S Spiritual Metal-Punk-Noise Isn't For the Weak (thats why we like them).

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Bruja Luna from NYC is a band you either can get into or a band you don't understand. It's not for the weak. Their sound is a combo of raw black metal and hardcore crust punk noise. I haven't seen them live but I imagine its an experience to never forget.

The two women known as Monserrat and "MDC" describe themselves as spiritual activists who make "every performance a ritual and every song a ceremony". They are huge supporters of the often oppressed and marginalized communities. They revel in witchcraft, but on a spiritual and peaceful level. Performances are often surrounded by candles and held in art galleries. This isn't some Stevie Nicks bullshit though. These women are making noise that is borderline scary for people who aren't accustomed to it. The strange, unusual and artist-folk will find a deep appreciation for this.

Their new 3-song EP titled Venus is out now. The band can be found on Instagram. If the opportunity is given, check them out live. It is sure to be a ceremony you won't forget.

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